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October 18, 2012 by Frankly, My Dear...

Leaky faucet? Toilet making weird noise? Call Towne Plumbing. Pipes rattle? Need a new bathroom? Moving the kitchen sink? Call Towne Plumbing. New build? Renovating and old home? Call Towne Plumbing. General contractor? Maintenance manager of an apartment complex? Need a Master Plumber? Call Towne Plumbing. Towne Plumbing is serving the Grand Traverse region and open for YOUR business. Contact us for your plumbing needs. Please call Dave (231)-313-2274 for your free consultation. If you have a basic plumbing question simply ask it in the comment section. (Please allow a few days to respond. We spend more time plumbing than on the Internet.)


Towne Plumbing

David Towne



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